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Get reviews on your day-to-day performance and use them to move up in your career.
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Get reviews & use them to advance your career

The Rito mobile app empowers employees in the retail and hospitality industries to collect on-the-spot reviews from their customers and use this feedback to advance in their careers.

Rito is for everyone working in the service industry

Here are some examples:

• Servers

• Sales Associates

• Bartenders

• Cashiers

• Baristas

• Store Managers

What can Rito do for you?

Get a promotion

With good feedback from others, you’ll easily justify why you deserve that raise.

Stand out

Having positive reviews from verified customers can help boost your resume!

Get recognized

Your job can be tough. Let customers tell you how your efforts made a positive impact on their day.

Control your future

Feel confident about your career by having real, objective reviews that YOU own.

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