Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do with the Reviews I receive?

It’s probably easier to ask what can’t I do with the Reviews I receive? If you are into sports, think of the Reviews as adding to your own personal scorecard. Your Rito score is like your digital resume.

You’ll get exclusive job offers based on your Rito score. We are partnering with local businesses who recognize the value of 5-star work. The better your score, the more opportunities you’ll see.

Not looking to change jobs? Your Rito score will help you in your current job, too! Looking for a raise? Think you deserve a promotion? The better your Rito score, the more it means your Customers love you, and the easier it is for you to advocate for yourself.

Ultimately, your Rito score helps you track your performance. Ever feel like you do a good job but don’t get recognized? That all changes with Rito! Now your Customers can say “Thank You” for all your hard work. Each Thank You lets you know that your work is valued.

But stay tuned! You’re not the only one working hard. We are working to add more great benefits for our Rito members, including exclusive content, job offers, benefits, prizes, and more…

Got something you want to see? Then let us know. Rito is here to empower Workers everywhere, and we want to hear from you!

2. Who owns the Reviews I receive?

You do! Rito is the first and only review platform focused on Workers. We will never sell your personal data. Your Rito score is yours, and that will never change.

3. Who can see the Reviews I receive?

You, and anybody you choose to share them with. (With a bunch of 5-star Reviews, that could end up being a lot of people!)

4. What happens if I change jobs?

No problem. If you change jobs, simply go to your Account page, then click on your Profile, and under the Current Job section you can update your Employer information.

5. Why do I only get five Invites?

Rito is an exclusive community of people who want to help each other by providing constructive feedback. In order to ensure that this community is full of like-minded people, we have limited its size by giving each member five Invites.

To be honest, if we let anybody become a member, then we risk having a bunch of jerks on the platform. And nobody wants that.

6. Does Rito track my location everywhere I go?

No way!

7. Does Rito sell my personal information?


8. How much does Rito cost to use?

Nothing! Rito is free to use. Today and always.

9. Where is Rito available?

Rito is available in select cities. That’s why we ask you to enter your Zip Code when you Sign Up. If you’re in the app, then your city is in!

10. Why does Rito asks for my birthdate?

We need to know the age of Workers on Rito in order to comply with employment laws and app store rules.

1. What do I need to do to give a Review?

Not much! After you have interacted with a Worker using Rito, we will automatically let you know. You don’t have to do anything except click 1 to 5 stars (hopefully it’s 5!).

2. I signed up as a Worker and haven’t received any Reviews, why?

Unlike other review apps, Rito only allows real Customers to provide real Reviews. Using our algorithm, when you interact with a Customer using Rito, they will be automatically prompted to provide you with a Review. As soon as they submit their Review, we will let you know. Pretty easy!

The best way to build your Rito score is to politely invite Customers you’ve helped to Sign Up. It helps you improve your score, and it lets your Customers say, “Thank You”.

3. How do I receive Reviews if my Customer does not have the Rito app?

In order to provide you with accurate and fair Reviews, your Customers need to be Rito members. If they don’t have the app, then you can use one of your Invites to share Rito with them. Simply click on the Invites tab at the bottom of your app to share.

But use your Invitations wisely! Rito is an exclusive community of people who want to help each other. You only have 5 Invites, so it’s up to you to decide who you bring into the community.

4. How does Rito know which Customers / Workers I have interacted with?

Rito uses a fancy algorithm to determine when our members interact with each other. The algorithm throws a bunch of different inputs into a pot – from public records, business addresses, Bluetooth data, location-based services and other information – in order to ensure that you’re able to give and receive accurate and fair Reviews. And we never, ever sell this data (ever).

But use your Invitations wisely! Rito is an exclusive community of people who want to help each other. You only have 5 Invites, so it’s up to you to decide who you bring into the community.

5. Can I delete Reviews that I do not like?

Rito is a platform that gives all its members a voice, so we don’t delete anybody’s Reviews. This is why we work our hard to keep jerks off of Rito. That way, each Review is accurate and fair, providing an opportunity for you to get real feedback and benefit from it.

But what if you just had a bad day and got a bad Review? It happens, we’re all human. But over time, we know your good days outweigh the bad ones. Hey, even Lebron misses a shot every now and then!

6. I stopped receiving new Reviews, what happened?

As a community of members working to help each other, Rito asks that everybody pitches in a little. If you’ve stopped receiving Reviews, it means you haven’t been giving Reviews lately. So all you have to do is pay it forward! When you give a Review, you’ll be able to keep receiving your own Reviews.

7. Do I get anything if I give a Review?

Yes and yes. Each Review you give helps another member improve their career. Pretty cool to be able to help someone with just one click!

But on top of that, we at Rito want to say “Thank You” for saying “Thank You”. So after you’ve given your first 10 Reviews, you’ll be entered into our weekly Rito Raffle for a chance to earn cool prizes.

8. Why did I not get prompted to leave a Review with a Worker I just interacted with?

We don’t like being asked the same question twice, and we’re guessing neither do you. So in order to not bombard you, our algorithm makes sure that you’re only asked to provide one Review for each Worker. That way, when you go to your favorite local restaurant, store or coffee shop you’re not always asked the same question over and over.