How Rito Works
Rito for Businesses


Sign up as a Worker & Get Reviews

Receive instant feedback directly from customers. Collect Reviews over time and use this data to take control of your career – request a raise, shoot for that promotion, or snag a new job by highlighting all the positive customer feedback you’ve earned with Rito​.

Here’s how it works:

Download the Rito App

Automatically receive reviews from the Customers you interact with.

Collect reviews and build your Digital Resume

Apply to exclusive jobs and take control of your career!

Rito for Businesses


Give koodoos to your favorite barista

Support your community by providing feedback to the Essential Workers at your favorite local businesses. You can say “Thank You” with one simple click.

Here’s how it works:

Download the Rito App

Visit your favorite local restaurants, retail shops, and service providers

Automatically get notified when you interact with a Rito worker.

Tell them how they did and they’ll receive your feedback!

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